De-Cluttering Project No. 2 — My Computer Desk at Home

The kitchen desk is in good shape now.  With some discipline (and reminding my kids how it is supposed to work), it will stay neat and tidy.  Or…at least I promise myself to never let it get so out of control again.  Daily or weekly maintenance will only take a minute or two.

My desk — the “Before” photo

Room for Improvement

My next de-cluttering project is my computer desk in the master bedroom (shown above).  Our bedroom is pretty big.  It spans the entire width of the house, has a walk-in closet (another opportunity for improvement – big time!) and two sets of large windows.  My laptop computer desk sits between the two windows on the south side of the house. To the left of the desk is a small utility table that holds my printer and wooden inbox.  Check out the photo for the ‘before’ view.  Like so many other areas of the house, my desk has become a catch-all for papers, books, file folders, electronic gadgets, and much, much more.  Nasty, huh?

It’s Time to Clean Things Up!

I’ve considered moving the entire computer desk OUT of the bedroom.  At one point, I had all my computer-related hardware and accessories in our basement.  It seemed so out-of-the-way, that it became a pain to go down there every time I needed to use the laptop.  So…I moved everything back to the bedroom.  I’m toying with the idea of converting the guest bedroom into an office-like environment.  My youngest son is looking for a place for his drum set and (the wheels are turning) I thought perhaps the un-used bedroom might be a great place for the drums and my computer stuff.  The jury is still out on that.  There’s no way I can handle the drum set noise when I’m trying to work.  No. Way.

Temporary Fix

For now, I’m going to clean up the desk and leave it in the master bedroom.  The books; however, are going to find a new home on a bookshelf.  We have a bookshelf in the bedroom, two in the living room/family computer room and more shelves in the basement.  The plan is to move the rarely-used books to the basement and keep the ones I use the most in the bedroom (close to the computer desk).

I am a bookworm* and there are books all over the house.  Not a good thing.  They will all (eventually) find a place on a shelf – or they will be sold on eBay or sent to Goodwill with a bunch of other stuff we are planning to get rid of.

Your turn:  what’s on your de-cluttering project list these days?  You can leave a comment here.

*CONFESSION:  I’m also a magazine freak.  I am a sucker for a good deal.  When we get an offer for a $5, $10, or even $15 annual subscription, I am quick to check the “Bill me later” box and send it off.  Happily, that habit has come to an end.  :-)  My wife and I are allowing most of our magazine subscriptions to run out.  It’s amazing how much space they take up if you let them.  Being the busy people that we are, we really don’t have the time to read and enjoy them any way.  So…what’s the point?

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